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Green Home Inspection & Design

A Sustainable Approach


Are you about to step into a major renovation for your home? A Green Home Inspection can help you stay eco friendly within the home and preserve your health.

As a green home inspector, I check for many items in addition to the normal home inspection.


  • The energy efficiency of the home

  • The water efficiency of the home

  • Use of sustainable materials

  • Sustainable practices followed within a home and

  • Features of the property that promote good environmental health.

Green Home Design: Services
Green Home Design: HTML Embed
Green Home Design: HTML Embed

Some of the issues found in homes are:

  •  Lead paint and Lead water pipes

  •  Formaldehyde issues found in flooring, cabinetry, and adhesives

  •  Energy and water efficiency

  •  Indoor air quality

  • Radon Gas

I serve the real estate community, lenders, and homeowners to create healthy, happy homes.  My services include:

  • Green Building Inspection

  • Home Energy Inspection

  • Radon Testing

  • Green Home Designing


If you are trying to achieve a cooperative means of protecting the earth’s natural resources and create a healthier living environment, I would like to discuss ways to make your project GREEN!

The Path to Success

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